Isometric Drawing - California Mission or Building Design (In-person or Virtual)

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Looking at the architecture of California missions for inspiration, students are provided with the appropriate drawing materials and instruction to design, transfer and shade their completely unique mission design.

This process takes students through a few isometric drawing worksheets to learn the process. Students quickly learn how to draw 3-dimensional boxes that become the basis of their creative mission design. This design is turned into a beautiful graphite rendering.

This isometric drawing process can be adapted for any type of design such as skyscrapers, bridges or products.

Students are provided with a StudioPick drawing kit which includes instructional worksheets, isometric grid paper, graphite transfer paper, kneaded eraser and pencil stomp blenders.

Participants will need to work 1 hour in between each class to be able to complete the project. 

Cost is $50 per student (minimum of 20 students)

Includes THREE 60-MINUTE instructional classes (virtual or in-person)