About us


StudioPick is a community space that supports creative growth and empowers artistic exploration. Our team is passionate about making art accessible and enjoyable for our visitors, our students and our community.

We believe:

  • Art is for everyone.
      • At StudioPick, we know that everyone is creative, and with the right tools and instruction, anyone can make art. We develop projects, courses & activities that are both fun and accessible. We have experience working with artists of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities. Even if you “can’t draw a stick figure”, we have just the project for you!
  • Art helps us to connect, grow and heal. 
      • Engaging in the creative process gives us opportunities to express ourselves, explore ideas, and take chances. Art can be used as a tool for both change and reflection. At StudioPick, we create space and support for these moments!
  • Art can be integrated in all areas of life.
      • Art doesn’t just happen in a studio. Art is so expansive! At StudioPick, we find ways to integrate creativity into work, play, learning, community. Let’s brainstorm!